Old tutorials

July 16th 2013

13h00: Introduction to cloud computing (20min)

Introduction to cloud computing, types of cloud services, advantages and limitations of cloud computing, comparison with grid, important cloud middlewares and providers, typical use cases

13h20: Using Openstack (40min)

Short introduction to Openstack
Using Openstack via command-line interface (CLI)
Using Openstack via web-based graphical interface (GUI)
Programming with Openstack application programming interface (API)

14h00: Preparing applications to clouds (20min)

Creating new VM images, editing VM images, running VMs on local computer, uploading VMs to Clouds, contextualization

14h20: EGI federated cloud (20min)

Actual status of EGI federated cloud, OCCI, VOMS support, monitoring

14h40: Coffee break, free discussion (20min)

15h00: Practical tutorials

Practical excises with Openstack